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British (England - Yorkshire & Humber) Scottish (General) Welsh


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You could hear her relief in this luck, in the splendor of her welcome. Look at you! And the sight of you! She shouted. It's not young bronte arrived for her visit. It is not, it is! I corrected her, and the driver beside me, clicking his slowing horse agreed. I, as young bronte, I've bored to you as planned. When you say, Aunt Emma, he said. I take it you mean Emma Metal Stone? I do. She is Your aunt People on this island seemed a bit slow on the uptake when it came to answer. Yes, I said, I'm her niece. My name is bronte Metal Stone, and you're here to bail her out as quickly as possible, please! The old man sniffed. Where did you get the idea? He said, leaning over his arms, that you could bail her out. Detective Riley cleared his throat meaningfully, but we ignored him. Our grandfather, The great DEETs lives and swims in the sea of varsity, the water sprite continued, which is far far and even farther away from here. When my brother and I were very small boys, grandfather visited us. Have fun on the rest of your treasure delivery journey. What such a lark to meet you, bronte! I bet you 1000 silver coins that we will meet again one day affectionately, Billy! I have no idea what the scenery was like in that early part of that coach trip. Probably just fields, but I stared through the window without seeing anything. My art pattering like. Happy rain