General Anime style boss confrontation



This is a general demo for when the hero meets the way overpowered villain near the end of the story. There is a lot of growling dialogue and a pompous deity with an RP English accent, who gets offended pretty quickly.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) North American (General)


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so think you actually made it here. Impressive for immortal. Shut up! Oh, What's that? I said, shut your mouth. Unbelievable. You barely staff. Did you still think you have a chance? You just don't get it. Really? I am a god. What can you possibly understand? You would just my entertainment. You look down on us, treat us like toys. You manipulate us and cast us off. You claim me belong to you. But you're nothing more than a Solis. Toy yourself. You have existed so long that there's nothing inside of you anymore. Hollow monsters like you will never control us. You're just trash and I won't let you. You are nobody. Nothing. But it's significant garbage. I will wipe you from existence.