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Saturday. The 28 of May 2022 will remain memorable in the annals of Alpha in Kwara State as many firsts were recorded during the glorious investiture of the former acting managing director and CEO of the Bank of Industry, Dr Wahidullah Guangzhou as the Ari Baba guava and his wife Haji Ahmad Bolaji Ola Gim Ju as the year Yeah barbacoa. The Asians town hosted thousands of unprecedented mix of premium guests from within and outside Nigeria. The unique intellectual isation of the traditional inauguration ceremony has continued to attract commendations, according to observers of the offer royalty. It was also the first time that a coronation and the historic town would attract the president's congratulatory message and record representation by the vice president and personal attendance by the Kwara State governor and his deputy. To also rejoice with the lagoon Jews far away from their Lagos base where family members, the couple's childhood friends and schoolmates, as well as Dr Lagoon Jews, former colleagues in his 40 year twin tracked career in broadcasting and banking the guest well, so drawn from the organised private sector and academia, the three day ceremony commenced on Thursday. The 26th of May 2022 with a pre investigator lecture titled Mobilising Popular Participation for the Emergence of a Potato or New Offer that was delivered by erudite scholar Professor Akin to your Body. The deputy governor of Kwara State, Mr Chiyoda Lobby, who was the special guest of honour, appreciated Doctor Lagoon Jews. Remarkable contributions to national and community development in the last 40 years, for which he said Dr Lagoon, who has been appropriately honoured by the Law, Fine Council and the entire community. According to Professor your Body, Dr Lagoons, inauguration was the first time that an intellectual components will be introduced into a chieftain's investiture, an innovation that he said redefines chieftains institution because the investiture also became a platform for catalysing participatory community development. The other panellists were Professor Ghaffar Dijaya, Professor, Broadway Beano and renowned economist Doctor. Are you all doing? In his closing remarks, the al ofa Obama of Talavera Mauzy said his ability to unite his people has continued to propel the social and economic transformation of Alpha, as he envisaged in his vision for for Tito, the new Alpha on Friday, the 27th of May family members and friends were hosted at the palatial residence of the Ola Gim Ju brothers. The coronation reached its crescendo on Saturday with a confirm it of the traditional titles on your lagoon Jews before thousands of offer indigence who enthusiastically thronged the Salafis magnificent palace along with eminent personalities from all walks of life. The coronation reached its crescendo and Saturday, with a confirming of the traditional titles on the lagoon Jews before thousands of a fire indigence who enthusiastically thronged the Olaf as magnificent palace along with eminent personalities from all walks of life. They included Dr Wahidullah Gonzalez, former colleagues at the N. T. A in the 19 eighties, the Bank of Industry and its precursor institution, the Nigerian Industrial Development Bank, that he joined in 1990 from where he retired three years ago after 29 years of meritorious service. As applauded by President Muhammadu Buhari, whose congratulatory message was read by veteran broadcaster Miss CNN. All Well Brown, the special adviser to the president and ease of doing business, Dr Joel McHale duly represented vice presidents professor Yeah, Mira Shiva Joe. The traditional investiture ceremony was graced by the deputy governor of Kwara State, Mr Kuroda, Chalabi, former Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment Mr Lucia Gua Ganga, former Internal Affairs Minister Dr Tunji Olatunji to Bank of Industry executive directors. Mr Jonathan Tobin and Mullah Omar's Shekarau led the large beauty team. Octogenarian Alhaji Abubakar Olusola, who attended with his wife, was among the former and i d Be staff, while engineer Larry Chagonda, the national president of the Government Secondary School, a lorry old boys association, led the association's members that included the chief judge of Kwara State Justice Salomon Kalou. The president of the University of Lagos Alumni Association, Dr John Momo, was represented by the association's vice president Mr Bala Abdul, who led a strong delegation that included Mr Root C. Michaud, Demo Unit Logs director of training to Felicite True with Dr Lagoon Jew, who is a member of the association's National Executive Committee. Post Investiture reception Governor Abdul Rahman Abdul Razak of Kwara States topped the list of dignitaries are the colourful reception that was also graced by former minister Mr Liu Shouguang Ganga, Obama move to democracy and his wife Hillary Mistura Prince to Cuba. Roma Lara Mr Laurie I any Elijah Ahmed Salahadin, the chairman of Calm Industries Dr Kamal Din Yusuf an honourable man. Shoot Mustafa were among the high profile guests. Mr Tani Moloch, You borrow the CEO of System Specs and his wife, Alhaji Landry Low. Ghada, she wants you to Giardino. Yummy are a lotta JB Alhaji de Malabo. Logan brings Toyota Corolla and Hodja Kudirat Awad Ibrahim were among the numerous dignitaries. The guests, however, got more than they bargained for from King Sunny Ade, who put up a six hour nonstop thriller which was converted into a world class musical concert that turned the guest into Spectators as they watched the exhilarating performance of the 75 year old juice celebrity. The impressive performance earned the commendation of former Minister A. Ganga, who went up stage along with a lagoon Jews to appreciate the to appreciate the ageless maestro.