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A mixture of animation and gaming voices.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC) North American (General)


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I've been waiting so long, George coming through, coming through. Oh, I don't think so. You jumper. Sorry, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting. Now, I'll never get home. You got my note. I take it. Excuse me. Don't you dare drag anyone else into this? People suffered for those decisions. Innocent people. Do you deny that? And you know that all those reports with your signatures, a proof of your fraud and you can bet your life I made copies and now they think that was some great victory, but I can feel you're not like them. I can use this kind of power. Okay. Seriously. Now, seriously, that's the third time you've hinted at this. What's going on? I can't hear you come this way so I can hear you. That's better. Now, speak up and say what's on your mind? Does anyone else know about this? Yes, you should. Good day stranger. Are you in need of some guidance? You can withdraw the course of your destiny and change the fate of your future fights. It's important that you understand the world didn't end in flames of gunfire. It wasn't torn apart by hate or anger in the end it was all about love.