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A compilation of some medical voiceovers I have performed for various companies and organisations.

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every acute or chronic wound is unique, and every patient deserves customised care. We offer a wide range of solutions for different wound types, so clinicians can provide more precise treatments based on each patient's needs. The use of enzyme replacement therapy to treat Fabry disease caused by deficient lissome all alpha galactose CDs Activity can lead to formation of neutralising anti drug antibodies. AIDS. Without appropriate hand protection, these hazardous substances can pass through glove barriers. This process of a chemical moving through a material on a molecular level is called permeate Asian. Since the process occurs on a molecular level. In most cases, chemicals reach the skin while the glove looks unchanged. This patient's wound was treated with saline. 10 minute dwell time negative pressure wound therapy cycle of 3.5 hours at 125 millimetres of mercury. This case illustrates the clinical results that have been achieved with three overflow cleanse choice dressing with three overflow therapy