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Bonnaire will actively implement the sustainable development goals by creating Bonnaire is the world's first blue destination. Blue Destination is a program that creates a better synergy between nature, culture and economy in order to improve the quality of life. Our goal is to find that perfect synergy by creating the best environment for productive collaboration and a common vision, nature, culture and economy exists too much a separate pillars. Blue Destination will connect these pillars by creating common goals. This will eventually lead to one identity. Ah, blue destination. Bonnaire was the first Caribbean island to establish a national marine park in 1979. The park is home to an astonishing array of marine life and conservation. International considers the waters around Bonnaire to be a hot spot of Caribbean biodiversity. The protection of nature is the cornerstone of Bonnaire sustainable tourism policies. The island's economic development plan is built on sustainability. Our island, proudly known for its nature and culture, fuels our economy. This safeguards our heritage and leads to sustainability practices. Bonner's recognition of the importance of its water resource is even extends to its flag, where the blue represents the pure waters Ah, culture that has always lived with and from the ocean. Bonner's blue destination main goal is to improve the quality of life of the people of Bonnaire, innovation and infrastructure and clean energy production and research possibilities creates abundance and job opportunities, being aware of the importance of living in a sustainable society, taking care of our nature and culture to grow our economy and therefore secure possibilities for future generations. Blue Destination builds a bridge between nature and culture, always with sustainability in mind, and creates one identity and experience to show the rest of the world. Bonnaire Ah, blue destination for its nature, its culture and its people.