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Shoe Company Explainer Video; Product Subscription - Friendly - Girl Next Door - Conversational - Helpful - Instructor - Genuine - Real Person - Believable - Sincere

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a lexicon. Thank you so much for your order. We are so excited that you have chosen to purchase solely. Jane. The products are all about you. We know that what you wear is an extension of your style and personality. And we want you to love who you are when you are wearing solely. Jane. The purpose of this video is to give you resource is to make sure that soul mate, tops and comfort souls are properly adjusted for the best fit. The following is a quick, step by step guide to changing them effectively locate the left and right on inside of the fabric to ensure the correct match. Next, line up one end of the soul mates with the group on the comfort soul and slide it forward about an inch. Do the same with the other side, then slide each side forward toward the front, alternating until they hit the front. Make sure to click the tabs in, and you are good to go. With so many great options, you will eventually want to change your look. No problem. Gently lift the two tabs up by placing your finger under each one by pulling these tabs back, you can easily slide the soul, mate out just a few simple steps and you have a completely different too.