Alex Mai Animation Demo



Animation Demo take from projects I've worked on!

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Cantonese North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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knock it off. Mom wouldn't want us to behave like this. She'd want us to be friends like we used to be. When we were kids, dad was still around. I found something No. To self super secret safe combination located in mess hall filled with network. Do not lose a dollar sign. Dollar sign, Dollar sign. Dollar sign. A lot of dollar signs. I am killing it today. The band effects were extra. What bam? When they went off, it's making my heart go. Put them, put them. No, no, you don't get it. The swath were everywhere on every street and every doorway in every home. It was a nightmare by whomever is within reach. Listen captain about our supplies. I'm not sure, but I think I know where we can get more. You want to know how to bring justice to this town with an iron fist. Well, you know, not literally an iron fist because that would be hard to carry. Okay, fine. An aluminum fist. I I I gotta go, I gotta go.