Videogames: Game Show Host - Monster - Demon - Protagonist - Henchman

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Written, Directed, Edited, voiced, exported by Alex Kyle

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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mm Hello, ladies and Germs, Earthlings and void worms alike. I am chad cadaverous and you are watching space date, the only dating show that matches sexy Bachelors up with unspeakable horrors from beyond to begin, let's meet today's Bachelor Alex Alex. Tell us a little bit about what you're working on. Hi, I'm Alex and I'm recording a voice over real for audition. You know the ones where you don't apply any effects or edit the voices at all, even though it's taking place in an absurd cartoon setting, a voiceover, real cute and you've got yourself a face for radio to match. Let's get started. First off you goblin thing in the corner, are you ready to go on a space date now now we can host rend flesh drink marrow from correct famer in New school for microphone muted. Well, it takes all kinds here on space date. Moving away from unmitigated bloodlust and onto childlike innocence, vacant expression, ****, jumpsuit. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Yeah, I'm a clone I think. But uh but boss says that the memory imprint devices degrading. So I kind of forgot everything that happened before the last year or so. Fantastic for a sentence. Lab of meat that got dredged from the cloning that yesterday, I think he's doing great. Malevolent, pulsing sphere of light. It looks like you've got something to say you are mistaken flesh ling amazing. Moving onto a short haired game protagonist intended as a self insert for the player, Tell us about your life who expect a monologue. Now while we're on an intergalactic dating show. Uh huh. The way it used to be monologue came before the girl. But now it's all different bullets and words exchanged at once in a flurry of shell casings and heartstrings aren't love and fictional, generic settings embroiled in conflict really the same, putting your neck or your heart out on the line. None of that makes any sense at all Alex it looks like your mic is on weight. So I have to pick between a goblin, a memory wiped goon, a bodiless Eldritch horror or an intolerably loquacious short haired male protagonist. That's right, life is **** and we dance the devil's polka and now our boiler plate, talk to your doctor. Space date or Alex college, right for you. Your alcohol may disappear, stored in the same room with Alex call for more than one hour, seek medical attention immediately of space date begins to hum a tune you recall from your childhood side effects of listening to space to include confusion, nausea laughter. You're not proud of a job offer directed to Alex Kyle. Send all offers that Kyle Alex M at gmail dot com. That's K Y L E L E X amazon Michael at gmail dot com. I'm Alex Kyle and you stay classy. Mhm