Chicken Soup for the Couples Soul



Short Story about a police officer and his one true love - Chicken Soup for the Couples Soul (#9)

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just dial 911. Murray and Michael had been dating for some time and felt fortunate that even though they had different jobs, they were able to talk to each other through their work. Almost every day. Michael is a police officer and Maria's a 911 dispatcher, both working for the same police department. One day, Marie received a call for Michael, who said he was out on the road in his patrol car. Marie, would you do me a favor? Sure, Marie answered. Happy to have an excuse to talk to him. Could you check a license plate for me? I need to see if this guy has any outstanding warrants, Michael explained. Okay, spell it for me. Michael phonetically spelled out the license plate using code names, as all police officers do. Summary would be sure to get the right letters. William Ida Lincoln, Lincoln Young, Ocean Union, Mary Adam, Robert, Robert Young, Mary Edward. As she did hundreds of times a day, Murray wrote down the letters on a piece of paper, typed them into her computer and started to run the license check. At first, she was puzzled. This license plate number was too long, even for a personalized plate. Her co workers who were in on Michael's plan finally had to say, Marie, what do those letters spow this time? Marie readjust the first letters of each word out loud. W i l l Why oh, you m a r r y m e With a cry of joy. Murray was all smiles as she got back on the phone to Michael, who was obviously nod following any fictitious driver with the fictitious plaids but was anxiously waiting in his patrol car for her response. Michael, are you there? Marine began. Yes, Marie, he responded, his voice cracking a bit with nervousness. My answer is affirmative. There was no copping out on this proposal by Cynthia Seem you'd stick 101 ways to pop the question. Read TO YOU by Amy DeVos