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she lived on Lee 37 years. But in this short time, Marie Antoinette came to embody the living definition of excess in a time of great deprivation. Born Maria Antonia Josepha Joanna, this daughter of the house of Hapsburg Lauren, Child of Francis, the first, the Holy Roman emperor and Queen Maria Teresa of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia would find herself promised to Louis Auguste Dauphin of France, who would later become King Louis, the 16th. As Queen Marie Antoinette famously indulged in the finest amenities Theo Era had to offer, she threw lavish parties while her subjects starved. Her taste for rare and exquisite jewels was legendary, and her appetites were considered a primary cause of the financial crisis that precipitated the French Revolution. The Rockies, over 3000 miles long, stretching from New Mexico to the Canadian northwest, the Rockies air North America's answer to the Alps. Topped by the towering Mount Elbert and Colorado. The Rockies features some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world, from lakes and foothills to what skiers call the finest powder snow known to man. With over 200 resorts welcoming more than 100,000 skiers per year, the Rockies air one of the world's premier resort destinations. But among those majestic peaks also lie hidden dangers. That, which is beautiful, is also deadly, and from animal attacks to avalanches. The Rockies claim more than 100 lives each year.