Follow Van Gogh - The Beginning of A Journey

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our journey has begun following the footsteps of Vincent Van. We have served his work way. Read his words. But to really understand, we need to see a familiar palette of colors. We speak of what it must have been like, where Vincent went, what he did, what he saw. A dark, moist that our eyes no longer notice. We traveled down through the inland from north to south like ghosts following after his past walking, feeling breathing in we see more. We talk more deeply together. Her sense is opening up, feeling the connection with nature. Is this what we're going way? Come from a growing awareness of our day to day existence Hurry, that affects all that way calmly find here now is that Vince and felt inspired by the past. We followed them home wear slowly, beginning to understand ways Where came toe It only made us more curious. Thing is our story. What does yours look like?