Andrea Entz Animation Demo



Andrea's self-written characters take you through Southern diners, East-Coast weddings, and more in this high-energy, versatile, and plain FUN animation demo. Produced by Global Voice Acting Academy

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (South West - Texas) North American (US New England - Boston, Providence)


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go for Janet real estate. What? I told you to put that offer in days ago. What are you? Hold on, Alison Alison. What is this? I asked for an iced grande half caf soy latte with four pumps. Toffee nut and cold foam. This is luke. Warm foam, Allison. No, no, sorry. You won't. Never catch me eating Madonna's cafe no more. It ain't safe. ****! I was eating a piece of pecan pie with one of them. Pecan started moving towards a cockroach. Big as a prairie dog. That thing could've. Deng. Deng had us for dinner. Jesus. Lord, help me. Yeah, I hear what you're saying, jerry. Is that short for something Jeremiah? Gerald. I mean, it doesn't really matter since names are just a patriarchal construct meant to form an illusion of self and further indoctrinated into capitalism. The government will do anything to keep you in a box, you know. Hello Diana darling. How are You know? He did not. You're kidding. Congratulations. Bill Diana's engaged. Mm. Oh, no, honey. You can't get married. There. People go there to die. Okay, well, it's your wedding or funeral week. I'm sorry. You think I'm weak. You have no idea what what it takes for me to even show up here every day. I work two jobs. I go to school full time. I am working through some. I'm tired. Okay. Just a sick. I gotta get my prizewinning punking on the truck before we head on down to the fire. I don't need no help. I got it, bride. Sure he is a dirty devil. Ain't it