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my heart beat faster, wandering what game she played. But I continued across the entrance hall Fitzwilliam pause by the front door and I'd me expectantly. Will you join me for a ride across the fields? Wickham! I should be glad of your company. I hesitated. No, I will not detain you. I have a matter to take care of first he noted amiably and left Fitzwilliam. And no sooner taken his leave than Lady Hollow emerged from the dining room and approached me without a word. She slipped into the library across the hall and gestured for me to follow. I stood rooted to the spot. This was madness, insanity, and it was decidedly improper. Thrusting aside my misgivings, I strode across the empty hallway and through the double doors and regarded her an apprehension as she shut him behind us. With great care, you take a dangerous risk. I tend her. If anyone should see us, she'll end back against the door. No one will see us. And what I have to say to you will take But a moment The blood rushed pounding in my ears. I made no reply. I hope you will forgive me. She drew closer. The brandy last night made me tired. I fell asleep before I could come to you. When I said nothing Still nursing my peak, she leaned forward. Oh dear. You are angry with me. I think the scent of violets teased me as she pressed her lips fleetingly on mine. I groaned and reach for more. She chided gently and pushed my hands away. Not here, Not now. But soon Moshe soon Leave it to me. I bid back a sigh in frustration. I wanted her desperately but two Now her promise would have to be enough. Wait for me outside. I will join you in a moment. No, you must go and quickly.