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For this series of demos I am explaining scientific, documentary, and tourist related material. There is also a sample reflected in video games.

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Who was DB Cooper. The true identity of the elusive and legendary hijacker may never be known in 1971. Cooper boarded Northwest Orient flight three oh five and hijacked it with the threat of a bomb on board the plane. He collected $200,000 in ransom money from the FBI and the airline bioinformatics. Not to be confused with computational biology. Refers to the development and advancement of the means used to analyze biological data methods of analysis may include the use of algorithms or statistical models to analyze large volumes of biological data. This nine day excursion through Italy will take you to all the country's most famous and fascinating landmarks. In addition to wine tastings and sightseeing, we'll visit the Roman Catacombs also take a special trip to visit the Vatican and Vatican City. Welcome to Galaxy World. This tutorial will help you learn all about the game's controls. Let's start off with exploring. After all, you'll want to see what kinds of amazing adventures you can find on Galaxy World to walk. Move the joystick left or right. Go ahead and try now. Great job. Hi, I'm Andrew Garone. Thank you for listening.