The Gangs of Royalty - Ash, Rayn, Connor, and Padraeg

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In this clip I do a wide array of different voices. I do my normal narration voice, a voice of an American young man, an Irish young man, and Irish young lady, and a middle-aged Irish man.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Irish (General) North American (General)


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Ash and rain hit it off naturally from the start. Although she was relatively tame compared to Ash, she still found him charming. She knew he wasn't like most of the other members of gangs that she had heard about and he reminded her more of one of her own than anything. Ash also learned that she shared his ideals about the city becoming more unified and as they continued to date and fall in love, they even worked out what steps they could take to make their dream a reality. A year went by fast for the young couple, an in between gang business. A took every opportunity that he could to be with his beloved reign. The cutthroats carried on business as usual and during that year were able to more covertly take over shipments from the Valerios and sell them to the yellow jackets which yielded them more profit than ever before. The cutthroats were thriving and decided to take a break from robbing the Valerios for a short time to catch them off guard in the future. Brutus and judge had ordered Ash to get a hold of another one of the Valeo shipment schedules. So that they would be prepared for their future heist. But until then he was permitted to take some time off. This delay in business was like a short vacation for him and he spent most of his time with rain. One night while the two were together, the question of marriage came up. Rain was nervous about the prospect because intermarriage between gangs was typically taboo and royalty. She knew that her father liked Ash well enough but was afraid that he wouldn't accept the idea of her marrying an outsider. Ash had a feeling that Brutus and the others would mostly hold the same view. And thus the two decided to marry secret and consummate their love for one another. The MCD Juans had a relatively religious background, being followers of the old way, but mostly in profession rather than practice Rain. On the other hand, had taken a more practical approach and considered herself an active follower of the way, which was much more uncommon in those days, marriage was a much bigger deal to her as any type of sexual relations outside of marriage was considered sinful according to the teachings of the way. And she couldn't deny the growing physical attraction and that she felt toward Ash. The two made secret arrangements with a member of the royal priests named Welch who performed the wedding ceremony in the Lotus garden with o'connor present as their witness, the documents were signed, the vows read and the young couple was deemed to be one flesh as they sealed their love with a kiss. The only problem was that it wasn't long before the two longed to be together more often. Although they were married, they still felt so far apart. It didn't feel right that rain had to spend her nights in her bedroom alone and that ash had to return to the Cutthroats Clubhouse. They knew that they couldn't continue to be apart from each other. And this became an even greater concern when rain's pregnancy test came back positive. After only a month of being married, this will be a no brainer. We'll set up a party food, plenty of drinks, the works. Once everyone is there, I'll tell them that I have an announcement to make. That's when you two come up and we will announce the good news o'connor, plodded Ash and Rain held hands as they listened and happily agreed. My father is going to be so mad at me. I'm sure he will be a little hurt that he didn't get to attend his own daughter's wedding. But I don't doubt everyone will want to throw you to another once they find out how could they resist o'connor laughed. Well, rain began but then looked down there is more to it than that. Ash smirked and looked away as o'connor furrowed his eyebrows and leaned forward. Rain put a hand on her belly and flushed red even more. I'm pregnant. O'connor's face. Lit up. You're gonna be a dad. He gave ash a playful shove and you didn't tell me a fell over as he chuckled and smiled at rain. We wanted to wait a few months first to make sure before we told anyone this is the icing on the cake. Pedras. A sucker for Children. Ok. Ash paused to light up a fresh cigarette. So why don't we give it some more time? I'll talk to Brutus and Judge and see if they'd be willing to bring over some of our next shipment to ped drag as a gift which should help begin a new relationship between our respective gangs. We'll have them thinking that the meeting is more or less a business deal until we make our little announcement. Great. In the meantime, I'll talk things over with him and let him know that you're setting something up with your people. He may not be too happy that I've set this up behind his back. But if your people can bring the guns, I don't see how that won't turn him around. They all agreed to the plan. Ash waited for the right opportunity to bring the proposition to Brutus and Judge, although he knew that it was only a matter of time before rain would start showing as she was approaching the end of her first trimester at first judge was outright against the idea of giving away anything that they had earned. But Brutus thought about it more diplomatically considering all the benefits that a potential alliance with the mcd drs could bring. Judge was eventually swayed. And Ash assured them that once they got close to the next shipment, heist, he would get a concrete time for them to meet with the MCD drs o'connor was right about Pedra who was furious that one of his lower ranking captains had set up such a deal without even so much as running it by one of the generals. The young mcd Drin pleaded for forgiveness but assured Pedra that the only reason that he did not reveal the of the macro leadership up front was because it was supposed to be a surprise for him. At the mention of free guns, Pedra softened up to the idea and gave o'connor permission to coordinate with the cutthroats and set up a meeting. He also assured o'connor that he was to be fully responsible if anything went wrong. The young mc Drin was confident that once the announcement about the marriage and the baby was made, everyone's hearts would soften and it would bring the two gangs together. Ash and Terrace managed to break into one of the Valeo storage facilities and gain access to their latest shipment schedule. They brought it to the cutthroats meeting table and the gang decided that they would hit the next large shipment which was due to happen in three weeks time, Ash told Brutus and judge that he would set up a date for their meeting with the MCD Drin. Soon after receiving the weapons, they agreed and Ash met with o'connor to give him as many details as he could. Finally, a day and time was set, not only to announce the ***** of the two lovers, but also to bring harmony between two of the toughest gangs in the city of royalty.