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The art of storytelling; painting a picture with words. I took snippets from a Rolling Stone article entitled \"America’s Dirtiest Cops: Cash, Cocaine and Corruption\"about a crime that occured in my hometown, the individuals of which I went to school with.

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It was Thursday, July 26th 12 2001 of those summers in South Texas when the hot air settles on the Rio Grande Valley like a blanket, the Gulf breeze was already sticky as Trevino climbed into his unmarked Chevy Tahoe and started it up. Trevino was a police officer. Admission, a bustling city of 80,000 on the Texas Mexico border. Nearly £800,000 of marijuana and several tons of cocaine are seized there every year on their way to street corners and living rooms all over the country. And that's not counting the stuff that does get through. As the leader of an elite street level narcotics squad, the Trevino was in the middle of the action. At 28 through, Vinje was young to be heading up his own narcotics unit, but he had good street connections on a solid pedigree, plus a knack for sniffing out drugs. His supervisor joked that they didn't even need a canine. They had three venue. He was driving to work. When the call came in. An inmate in the county jail had tipped two of his guys to a suspected cocaine stash. Two towns over Trevino turned the chuck around and went to meet his deputies. Plainclothes cops in T shirts and wraparound shades, all swat trained and hand picked by three bono himself. They were part of a special task force that drew from the county Sheriff's Office and Mission PD, meaning they had a jurisdiction to operate in the city and county alike. Their official name was an interagency jumble Hidalgo County Sheriff Office, Mission Police Department, local level drug unit, but everyone called them the Panama unit.