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IFly Experience - American Male Informational Voice Over - Alex B

Voice Over • Video Narration


Basic informational narration for iFly indoor skydiving. Generally soothing, deep and relatable tone.

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
everyone has dreamt of flying. I fly, makes the impossible possible experience the freedom and exhilaration of escaping the weight of the world with the thrill of flight at I fly when you arrive for your flight reservation. Your experience will begin as a member of our flight crew gets you checked in for your flight and answers any questions you might have. Once you're checked in, you'll head to the flight deck where all the action is at our flight deck is where you'll have the opportunity to watch other flyers and action in the tunnel. You'll get caught up in the exhilaration, freedom and joy of body flight. While you await your training session, one of our world class instructors will meet you in the rest of your flight group. When it's time to begin your training session, your flight group will head into the classroom where you learn the basics of indoor skydiving in a fun group setting. Next, let's get geared up from the helmet to the flight suit. All your gear is included, You'll be fitted for a flight suit, you'll wear over your casual comfortable clothing. Now's a great time to take a quick selfie to share on our social media channels before you place all your items in the lockers provided after you're all geared up. You'll have a chance to take in a few pointers before your group is on deck, you're highly trained instructor will be right by your side as they assist you while you lean into the wind to take flight, no jumping or falling suddenly you'll be flying on a smooth cushion of air, having the time of your life. Each flyer has the option to include a high flight. As part of their last flight, guests are able to fly higher and faster with their instructor than they would on their own. The weightlessness and rush of high speed wind always gets rave reviews when you've completed your flights, The thrill is far from over. You'll be blown away as your instructor takes to the wind to perform an auto inspiring aerial performance. Mhm. After your flight session, each flyer receives a flight certificate to commemorate their flight and some pro tips from your instructor to progress your flight skills. The next time you fly, your time in the air is captured on both digital video and photos available for purchase along with cool I fly shirts, hats, merchandise and gift cards. I fly offers discounted flight time for return flyers a great way to begin to progress your flight skills, experience the freedom of flight, learn advanced maneuvers, fly with your friends and even competition, flying through our coaching sessions even here, indoors, the sky's the limit. Mhm