A sample of my British accents from Jane Austen's Dragons by Maria Grace

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Audiobook production featuring me voicing the traditional Pride & Prejudice characters - Lizzy & Darcy along with the large dragon Longbourn.

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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He is not the only new arrival. We have had a hatching a fairy dragons. Longbourn rolled his eyes. At least there was something Darcy and read with him on. Miss Elizabeth reached into her hood and withdrew three colourful fluff balls. You know, April, these are Heather and Phoenix. Longbourn sniffed at them. Small wonder he did not snuff them up his nose. Um, him. The red puff. Cheap. It's voice almost too high for Darcy to make out as much as you. Phoenix jumped up and hovered between long burns eyes. You might pick the mites off his head. Riches, she pointed Phoenix obeyed soon joined by the pink and blue Fairy dragons. Oh, yes, they're just there. Longbourn purred and wagged his tail. This was disgusting. I forgot how much I like very dragons. You will bring them when you come with Mary. I will. Thank you. I know they appreciate your welcome. The pink and red fluffs lit on Longbourn snout just between his eyes squawked something, then curled up into sleeping balls. The blue 1 April Was it settled between them? A wing over each. How domestic since you will be so well cared for by your keep, you will have no need to disturb the militia that is going to camp in merit. Long brands lip curled back militia A large number of men and beasts are coming to invade my territory, not invade. Deal on. They will be training here for a time, then move on. There is no reason to trouble yourself. She edged around to scratch his ear again. Longbourn snorted, disturbing the sleeping chicks, April practise snout and scolded. The site would have been comical had it not been likely to result in the quick demise of the Fairy dragons in a single gulp. I do not like militias. Remember what they did to Miss Elizabeth? Children signed? Yes, I cannot forget my great aunt's Storey. But eating her assailant did little to restore her honour. She wrapped her arms tightly about her waist. Longbourn inched forward and wrapped his neck around her. She leaned into the dragon. I promise we should be very, very careful. I will eat anyone who hurts you or any of my keep. Slowly, one tiny bite at a time. Darcy shuttered. That was not a threat to be taken lightly. I would not ask you to do otherwise. You are, after all, and a state dragon. You must protect your keep. But pray do not harass the militia. She pressed her face to Longbourn. It would be very bad for the keep if the soldiers were to be meddled with as long as they do not harm what is and who are mine. I will keep the peace. But I want another sheep. You should have one for each Tonight They're here. I like that. I hoped it would make your four Barents worthwhile. I must ask an important favour ofyou whilst they're here more. Is it not enough that I do not bother them? It should be. I know, but this is very, very important to all of Dragon Kind. Longbourn craned his neck to look at her. The missing father Drake A You know of it? A ll the Major Dragons? No. So why did you not tell me? Her eyes grew wide. So did Darcy's. It is a dragon matter. I would have consulted you if necessary. The whole of England knew of pimples. Trial does. He pressed his fist to his mouth. I have met the keeper of the missing egg. Longbourn rose slowly enough not to disturb the sleeping fairy dragons slowly enough to be threatening and ominous. He looked directly at Darcy. Is that why you have brought that man here? Miss Elizabeth jumped and world around. What man? I brought no one here.