Ben Whiting English Character Demo Reel

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I voiced this demo and had it produced by Stephen Coghill, I chose 7 characters I wanted to voice and Stephen wrote the scripts.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Welcome. Come on in. Don't be shy. We allow all to shop here. Even sewer trolls, the smell. Ok. What will it be? Magic wand. Ring of flight. Maybe just some potions. No, no, no. You don't understand. We have to hurry or we'll lose them. All of them, all of them gone. Taken becoming nothing. Please help me try please. I will never lay down my weapons until every last one of you has no breath left in your chest. I will be the darkest that never stops coming for you. Justice will be my salvation. Funny you've come all this way to hide. You have been lied to you will never leave this. You will never feel the warmth from the sun on your face again. Come in Bruce forever. Excuse me. Um Hey there. Um I'm gonna need you to stop eating all the villagers like now my man. Ok, then violence it is face me. You son of a *****. You push me and you push me. Now, I'm gonna pull you all the way down 6 ft. The frost has taken over our minds and slowly eating our last bit of warmth. I fear tonight's slumber will be the book. End of my story is the world still a stage. If there are, if there are no actors to tape.