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A project for BT Capital - \"Together Rising Into the Future\". This is an explainer video that I did voice over with.

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our country has always struggled with the dark parts of its foundation, a reality that prosperity came at a high cost, unjustly paid for by a few throughout our history, advocates emerged dedicated to fixing these disparities and pursuing the idea of equality for all we must realize and in a real sense, we all tied together. They're all americans are to be afforded equal rights and equal opportunities. But true equality cannot be achieved without equity. This idea is at the core of a movement dedicated to correcting a system that has left generations of marginalized groups without the tools they need to compete equally and thrive. To meet this challenge, we, as a society need to invest in the people and businesses that have been affected by a system that has fallen short in supporting their growth. That's why BT capital identifies, facilitates and funds the exponential growth of diversity. Lead businesses that positively impact minority and underserved communities. Mm hmm. We understand that by creating a sustainable paradigm shift in the cultural and socioeconomic norms of american business, innovation, education, and entrepreneurship, we can build a stronger and more inclusive world, one where enterprising voices can be heard and more importantly, supported B. T. Capital together, rising into the future. Yeah.