Narration for a children's story, multiple characters soothing tones.

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Narrator tells the story of a lonely little girl, this selection showcases the soothing natural narration tones as well as some fun characters.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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Luna and the blanket shop by Holly Hurley Feather. Luna was a small girl from a big family that lived in a tiny house on the edge of town because Luna was the youngest of 12 brothers and sisters. Often it was easy for the bigger people in Lula's house to get Lula to do their chores. Lula get the mail. Lula walk that dog, Lula mow the lawn. Lula cook the dinner and because she was the smallest and the youngest and the last Lula often ended up sleeping on the kitchen floor. And when she would lay down at night, she would dream of blankets and pillows and a warm fire with cozy cats and plenty of food. One morning when Lula awoke, the home was buzzing as usual and over the den of the older Children heading out for school and the parents for a long day at work. Lula's mother asked her to go into town and pick up the groceries. This was one of Lula's favorite chore. It gave her time to herself a nice walk in the sunshine. A chance to pick the yummiest looking food and the grocery store was next to Lula's favorite shop. Mrs Bridgewater's blankets was a tiny little storefront. The windows were bedecked with quilts of all shapes and sizes with the most intricate details. There were rich blue comforters with shimmering green peacocks, soft peach sheets with cross stitched pillow sheets. Quilts that featured every color in the rainbow and Lula favorite. A gusseted pink duvet with delicate bows accenting each corner. It was looking at that blanket that led Lula to make a decision. She would go inside ask Mrs Bridgewater how much the blanket cost and find herself a job to earn enough money to buy it.