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The job called for a Kennedy-like read for a PSA for a call for active service in government. John F. Kennedy impersonation

Whether it is the chill Gen Y'er, the edgy Gen X fella or the all-american guy next door, This demo has something to offer for just about any project... including yours! Featured styles: believable, amusing, upbeat, conversational, guy next door, approachable, edgy, authoritative, hard-sell, soft sell, cowboy, Southern American, inspirational, inspired and motivational.

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Brent and Shrapnel. I stand here today not in front of you as a politician, but beside you as an American, as an American who, like you, despairs of the policies of the current administration of a government that rewards big business with tax breaks. While we struggle for gotten in our factories and in our homes, I stand beside you as an American who has traveled to the four corners of our great nation. Toe witness Children denied their right to an education by an incumbent president who devotes funds from their future to ensure that their older brothers and older sisters continue to die alone on foreign shores, fighting a country that has never attacked us was incapable of attacking us and who was sent there by an incumbent president. Behold not by the shining hope of our Children, but by the black gold of big business America. We have lost our way these past eight years, but what is lost can be regained. And tomorrow we must say gnome or tomorrow we must vote for change. Change is not always easy. Change requires courage. But I remind myself that America was founded not only as the land of the free, but as the home off the brave. And we must be brave because tomorrow we have the chance to leave behind the politics of the partisan and embrace once more the politics of the possible. Tomorrow we must vote for a change. Ah, change that will liberate every man, every woman and every child in this country. Ah, change! We can all believe in Not a wind of change to blow through the Senate but ah, Hurricane Ah, Hurricane To tear down the walls that have divided our great nation these last eight years and allow us to become ah, United States once mawr, God bless America.