Drama/Comedy monologue of Leo Bloom from \"The Producers\"

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I wanted to do this one because it shows the nuance of being sensitive yet hilarious in the same moment. The ability displayed to be able to convey a ridiculous message as if reasonable is the essence of the humor in this scene.

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I would like to say something. Your honor not on my behalf, but in reference to my partner. Mr bialystock, your honor. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury max bialystock is the most selfish man I have ever met in my life. Not only is he a liar and the cheap and a scoundrel and a crook who has taken money from little old ladies. He has also talked people into doing things especially me that they would never in 1000 years had dreamed of doing but your honor. As I understand it, the law was created to protect people from being wronged. Your honor. Whom has max bialystock wronged? I mean whom has he really hurt? Not me, not me, I was this man. No one ever called Me Leo before. I mean I know it's not a big legal point, but even in kindergarten they used to call me bloom. I never sang a song before, I mean with someone else, I never sang a song with someone else before. This man, this man, this is a wonderful man. He made me what I am today. He did. And what of the dear ladies? What would their lives have been without max bialystock max bialystock Who made them feel young and attractive and wanted again. That's all I have to say