He Was My Hero, Too



An audiobook voiced and produced by me sold on all audiobook venues. Several voices used to differentiate characters and emotion.

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North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US South) US African American


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The silky smooth sound of legendary jazz saxophonist John Coltrane permeated the room from the voice of music phonograph. Simon sat in deep meditation behind the desk in his office at Southside Mount Vernon Boys and girls club. Soaking it all in Simon, a portly and bearded man with a tinge of gray hair, wore a dark brown velvet warmup suit which blended almost seamlessly into the colors of his new office. The log cabin given the sober by club members after he'd had his new digs renovated with all wood fixtures. The only portion that wasn't comprised strictly of maple was the wall of fame where Simon kept the snapshots of every athlete that had graced the club's gymnasium who'd gone on to the professional ranks. He also reserved space for each of the club's Hall of Fame. Honorees. Simon's focus was abruptly broken by a knock on the door. Simon alarmed, swirled around to greet his visitor. It was Kirby sporting shorts, high top Chuck Taylor converse sneakers, droopy socks and with a white towel draped around his neck. The two gentlemen smiled and embraced man. I haven't seen you in a month of Sundays said Simon the club's program coordinator while shutting off the music that stirred his soul. Yeah. I know. I B M had me in Chicago doing seminars and I've been dealing with a few things that sort of needed my immediate and absolute attention. I can dig it. Mr computer consultant. By the way, I'm very proud of you. And the work that you're doing with I B M, the fact that as a black man you get to travel for work and make an impact on people's lives for that big of a company. It's huge. Kirby smiled and nodded his head in appreciation before taking a seat and offering. Thank you, Simon. He then switched the subject. So how have you been? Me? Simon smiled and patted on his ever expanding balloon belly. I've been making it just fine. You know, another day, another 50 cents. You're a trip Kirby said. So Simon's tone of voice shifted. How's life in White Plains? It's all right considering I really don't do too much there. Just work and sleep. Kirby took a deep breath and it's especially hard not seeing Junior and Benny every day. Simon pointed to the photo of Kirby's family positioned on his desk. And what about Cassie? Your wife, Kirby made an impulsive about face and shoved his hands into his pockets to jingle change. Yeah, he moaned. I almost forgot her too. Hang in there. You guys will be all right. I think we're headed for a divorce. Court if you ask me. Well, no, I didn't ask you. Simon said with a sly grin. You'll see. It'll come around a year. Separation after nine years of marriage isn't the end of the world. Just look at it as a refreshment period. A cleansing period, cleansing, refreshing. I'd say it's more like an emotional enema, enema. I don't know. Kirby shook his head. Women be bugging. It's like a light goes off in their head and they just flip first. They got our rib. Now they take up paychecks, man. Simon sounded reticent as he picked up the phone. Simon speaking. Can you hold, please? He then placed his hand over the receiver to muffle the sound. You better not go anywhere in public talking that stuff. What about my wife? No, about the ribs and money. The door swung open as if a hurricane wind had gotten a hold of it. It was Dannon clad in a white Adidas sweatsuit and matching white sneakers. I need a ball, bro. Simon. You forgot how to knock, man. Simon said as he was just about to conclude his phone conversation. Oh, I apologize, bro. Simon. Kirby, what's up? Nothing. Yo, boy, how tall are you now? 68. It's only been a couple of weeks since I saw you and you put on two more inches. I don't know, I guess Kirby shook his head in astonishment. Cogitating on how it felt like just yesterday when he used to give Dannon piggyback rides and you're 17 now. Yup, turn 18, June 10th. I know when your birthday is Chunk Dannon playfully landed an elbow to Kirby's chest. Well, I gotta roll, gotta shoot some hoops. Keep my jumper tight. When's the next game? Kirby yelled down the corridor Thursday. Big game against New Road.