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Emotional Advocacy Campaign/ Documentary Spokesperson

Voice Over • Documentaries


Emotional African Advocacy Campaign for Nigeria's #ENDSARS protests.

Vocal Characteristics


English (African)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


South African, West African, African (General)


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12 days long protests and counting like a crescendo of an orchestra, the forces of the youth rise up in her Marnick unison to demand justice for a systemic oppression. Police brutality on the reform or various sectors off the system. This is for Elena, for Jimmy, for Tony. Zita for Tina is equipped for Colony Johnson for cheap rookie An ounce for it. Foma abou T yama. Cosine for Solomon. Izzy for the eight. Cute. For the boy. Cute. No soothe system field you were working on making sure that never happens again. Might as well come and take my soul.