Bobbi Owens - E-Learning Demo (Produced)



This SECOND E-Learning Demo contains PRODUCED E-Learning VIDEO voiceovers

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (US General American - GenAM)


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Constructing online modules is like designing your dream home. There's that wow moment when you enter the front door. Each room serves a key function and connects to others with just the right flow. In a similar way, modules should be structured and sequenced to maximize learning when entering into a new topic. Effective modules begin with an engagement trigger the Ice Beast Low Pro the ice beast Low Pro is a compact, lightweight industrial strength, ice and snow walking device that fits easily and conveniently over all types of shoes and boots. It is extremely easy to put on and take off and its compact design enables it to be carried with you when not wearing. What does a community based ecosystem of learning make possible in a suburban setting? Let's check in on Ciadea, A 10 year old who loves being outside and is fascinated with ants. Judea begins each day at her home base just a short distance from her house. A retired librarian who was well respected by the community, opens up her home each morning to nine young learners who all live in the neighborhood joining them is a learning advisor who recently graduated with a degree in youth leadership development. Hi Sophia, this is a consent form. Did you and the doctor discuss today's procedure, the risks and your aftercare plan. We did and I'm looking forward to ditching this cane and walking without pain. Great. Did the doctor Mark, which need their operating on? Yes, it's right here after you go home, follow your discharge instructions and let your care team know if you notice any signs of infection, like fever and redness at the incision site and take your medications as directed.