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I'm sorry, Lorraine 2021. The devil made you do it. The church has called us again. If we take this case, it could be our last. The devil is winning. No faith is the only thing that stands between us and petition. There's gotta be another way. The chickens, she will kill anyone that tries to stop her have come home. Please be careful. Faith in evil. Bless me, father for, I have sinned from Warner Brothers pictures the conjuring last rites coming soon. Sweet and loving God from producers Oprah Winfrey. Now it's Steven Spielberg and Quincy Jones, a new take on the beloved classic. See, we have more than just kings and Queens on Christmas Day. We are at the center of the universe. A motion picture event. The color purple when our world is threatened, one team is ready to launch. Does he say lunch? No, I said launch. You're heading straight. This September, a new breed of heroes hits the big screen paw patrol. The mighty movie critics worldwide are calling Oppenheimer the best movie of the year. We're in a race against the Nazis Christopher Nolan's crowning achievement. And I know what it means spine tingling. If the Nazis have a bond Oppenheimer will have you on the edge of your seat. I have a 12 month head start 18. How could you possibly know that? Director Christopher Nolan Truman needs to know what's next? What's next Oppenheimer rated R now playing only in theaters? Yeah. Guess who's all grown up? Zoe is Zoe. Zoe. Zoe. Zoe. She just got a proposal. Uh Well, what's your last name again? Brooks? And guess what did I tell you that? I got proposed to the other night on a second date? She said, will you be my maid of honor? Shut up. Zoe's getting married now. Streaming from the creator of Star Wars on January 20th. Jump in. Buckle up. Whoa, and take off for a battle unlike any other. Right? Like that. Prepare to fill the ramp of the raking. I got him smoky lightning. Let me show you a little trick. I love red tails. January 20th rated PG 13.