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today, we'll be going over how to set up and operate your airbrush equipment, mm hmm, connect the air hose end with the threaded fitting to the air outlet on the regulator. Next use the quick connect on the other end of the hose to connect to the airbrush. Next pull up on the regulator and turn it clockwise until it stops. It's important to have the pressure regulator set to max pressure to ensure functionality, plug the compressor into a grounded outlet and flip the power switch to on The compressor will run 5-10 seconds and then stop. Turn the regulator counterclockwise until the set pressure is near 42 42 P. S. I. This will result in an actual spraying pressure of approximately 30 P. S. I feel and listen for any leaks at the connections by running your finger over them. If a leak is sensed, tighten the loose connection, pour paint in the cup and replace the lid, push the trigger completely down to start the airflow. Pulling the trigger backwards, will start and increase the flow of paint, pushing the trigger forward will reduce or stop the paint flow. Be sure to continue pressing down on the trigger When done spraying, released the trigger to its resting position, depress and pull the trigger back to see what your initial spray pattern looks like to adjust the maximum paint flow. Turn the needle knob clockwise to reduce flow and counter clockwise to increase flow, increase the regulator pressure for a blended look and decrease pressure for a sharper edge for thinner lines and more detail. Move the airbrush closer to the work piece for a wider, more blended look. Move the airbrush farther away. Clean the airbrush spray nozzle periodically by using a soft rag or cotton swab.