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Here are some samples of radio promo pieces that have been streamed across the national iHeartRadio platform, and aired on radio stations across the US.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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this weekend, the biggest music event in the country is coming to you see Justin relate in your living room. C 30 seconds to mars make history. First, go to I Heart radio dot com. So when your way there, sure we all have to work. You might as well get paid really well to do it soon. You could be on I heart radios payroll paying $1000 an hour ago. The first ever I Heart Radio Music Awards, Live from Los Angeles May 1st on NBC and you could be in the audience with tons of celebrity guests. Which artist will win. It's still up to you as the voting continues for the top five in all categories. The I Heart Radio Music Festival, Live Las Vegas, the music, the stars, the surprise guest, friday and saturday, starting at seven p.m. Pacific at I Heart Radio Die yahoo dot com. Or on the live event viewer on your playstation three.