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the hunger was written by one of the most out spoken and famous alien abductees in the world, or experience her, which is the accepted term within the UFO researcher community. Who is Whitley Strieber? Um, he was on track to be like the next Stephen King almost assumes they were published. His first novels were turned into feature films, including Wolf in the Hunger. Um Later on, they would adapt one of his novels to be The Day after Tomorrow. Not great film, but awesome visuals on Big One was Communion, which is based on his, of course, being an experience, sir. The movie Communion. It starred Christopher Walk in, and it gave us the image of the little gray alien with the big black eyes that we all know and are quite frankly, terrified by funny side note. Just so you could get an idea of Whitley stripping your head. Dan Ackroyd actually campaign to play him in the film, and he lost it to walk in, and Whitley was like, Yeah, that would have been way more accurate. Anyway, his mainstream career was almost totally derailed by his speaking out publicly about his time with aliens. Uh, including an implant he says he has behind his ear that helps him right and moves away from scalp ALS when people try to investigate it surgically. The general consensus of people who have not actually assessed this human being is that he has temporal lobe epilepsy, which is one of the reasons we have for alien abduction experiences is that it's these little seizures that happen that caused us to hallucinate in different ways. In the frontal lobe, he claims he's been tested for it and doesn't have it. But yeah, it's just fascinating human being who also wrote this fantastic book about vampires. I just love that you're debunking the existence of aliens on this E. I thought you were gonna say it's commonly known that aliens do not exist. I also thought it would be about liquid sky and not the hunger. When Becky finally debunks