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we are counting down for the big game to begin. All we know is that it should be a great matchup. It sure to be an extra super sunday, he's running down the field and able to make his way past two tackles to get more than enough yardage. This puts them in great field position. Akshay Bhatia, the 19 year old tees up first And it's akshay Bhatia after a beauty from 212 yards. How about this first round from Akshay bhatia? What a performance from this young professional from California. He's lived his life for this day. Now, this is it, It's Michael Phelps, New World Record 23 gold medals. Scarlett maneuvering into position, trying to plan their next move. So he heads for some cover a devastating blow from Scarlett, looks like Zoe is charging up, Thibaut seems to explode into Scarlett is in dire need of a reload, clean miss by Zoe and another setback for Team Scarlett, that one seemed to stun Scarlett tabled, staggered by a powerful hit and Scarlet finishes him off and Scarlett goes down double kill Zoe. Another execution, oh my