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Audiobook Non-fiction Business Conversational 1st person voice over

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Provided the narration in 1st person, conversational, engaging, professorial, business style vocal narration for this audiobook now appearing on Audible and other platforms

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chapter 17 Master the true wealth, a mind that is stretched by a new experience, can never go back to its original dimensions. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr I started this book by asking this question, how can I achieve financial independence and retire? Early Things used to be so simple people worked for 30 or 40 years, got a comfortable pension and enjoyed their life throughout the retirement. Fast forward to today. Retirement is a scary word. People are living longer, pension is an unheard of concept to millennials, investment markets are more volatile than ever. Many social securities are on shaky ground instead of trying to grow their money, millions of people are wary of risk and let their money erode in bank accounts. The solution to this is not to hoard assets, but to focus on income. The three step fire process that I shared in this book is based on my professional and personal experiences and I personally practice these steps. Step one, plant the seed of fire in your head, shift your mindset to the new paradigm. Step two understand how much expenses you need for your fire and build up multiple streams of passive incomes through. I G A s Step three Find happiness and meaning in your retirement and be prepared for the new life, I am sure in the pursuit of fire, you will open your mind and see new things in the world, you will find new meanings of wealth and life. But as a fire nation, you want to achieve beyond retirement, you want to reach true wealth. What is true wealth, true wealth is what money can't buy and death can't take away money itself isn't wealth, it's a vehicle, a tool you can use to achieve financial freedom to go after the dreams you didn't think were possible to design your life in a way that makes you feel alive and fulfilled. Money doesn't change people. It just magnifies who they really are, Tony Robbins. People often say they'll give when they're rich. The truth is, if you can enjoy the life of a millionaire without being one, you can start giving even while you have little. If a person won't give a dollar when they have $10, they will never give $100,000 when they have $1 million. Being wealthy is meaningless. If you don't use the wealth to contribute, anyone can be financially rich. The question is, are you going to be rich and happy or rich and miserable? I'm thankful that you've allowed me the privilege of sharing my ideas with you. I'm sincerely hopeful the contents of this book will be helpful to you on your journey to financial success. Please return to these pages whenever you need a reminder of what financial independence and retire early is all about. I hope you remember that fire is a mindset that extends beyond stock markets and financial products. It's a framework that sets you free from the constraints of economic environments and personal challenges in our hearts. We all know it's not money that makes us rich. It's the moments when you can follow your heart instead of your boss's instructions. It's when you find the job that is meaningful to you. It's the loving warmth of your relationship with family and friends. It's a capacity to learn and grow to share and serve. I want to leave you with this poem from an anonymous person. Money can buy a bed but not sleep books, but not brains, food but not appetite, Finery, but not beauty, a house, but not a home medicine, but not health luxuries, but not culture, amusement, but not happiness, religion but not salvation, a passport to everywhere, but heaven unknown to your financial independence and early retirement, Ivan Guan.