Corporate - Enterprise Car Club - English, Scottish accent, friendly

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An instructional video for Enterprise Car Club, which required a bright, friendly and clear tone.

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Scottish (General)


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Sometimes you need a car when you don't have a car. Now, with Enterprise Car Club, you can rent one of ours by the hour right near your home or office. It's as easy as 1234. Simply sign up via our app or online at Enterprise Car Club dot co dot UK. And once approved, you'll be on the road the same day to reserve a vehicle. Simply log in online via our app or by calling a clubhouse team to start your reservation. Unlock the vehicle with your app or access card, enter your pin into the pin pad and collect the keys. Now you're ready to drive away once you've finished your journey, just return to the same location to end your reservation, return the car keys to the incar pin pad.