\"The Berlin Wall... It Fell for Freedom\" - Anniversary TV Documentary



“The Berlin Wall: It Fell for Freedom” – Anniversary TV Documentary
Combining warmth and a straight forward style, Cathy Burnham Martin’s engaging style immerses viewers and listeners into the scenes of history, as this VO lead-in displays.

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The wall holds different meanings ranging from the Vietnam veterans memorial to the rock group. Pink Floyd for millions of people. It means the Berlin wall and the end of the Cold War for some of us. The Berlin wall is now symbolized by cherished pieces of the graffiti coated wall shipped by hand in those first uncertain days of freedom. For East Germany, This is Kathy Burnham, one of the journalists honored to have been covering the opening of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 because the much ballyhooed collapse of east Germany escalated so quickly. My team was literally on a flight to Berlin. Within hours of the first of freedom Broadcasting enabled me to be on the scene for many historic events, but none were as inspirational e moving as the opening of the Berlin wall. That experience included a unique set of highs and lows as it taught me a very important respect for the United States and for everyone who fought for freedom in World War Two and every other war we watched West Germans welcome East Germans into their homes. The newcomers excitedly waited up to four hours just to get into overcrowded Western stores filled with goods, something they had not seen for decades. Us troops manned impromptu food banks to supply food to tens of thousands of people pouring into West Berlin. My videographer was attacked in an unexpected neo Nazi demonstration thankfully we were able to intercede and move him to safety and I was humbled beyond words by the hugs and genuine gratitude expressed by East Germans for no other reason than I happened to be an american. As our nation's esteem abroad has continued to be tarnished. I am increasingly grateful for the different and enduring perspective represented to me by my little piece of the wall. Hundreds of thousands of souvenir chips from the Berlin wall ended up eventually getting sold. My little rocks are priceless, however, because I got them while standing shoulder to shoulder with United German citizens during their gloriously victorious Revolution celebration. My parents taught me to be bold, be myself but to also be respectful, be a giver and be humble. I never felt more humility than I did at the Berlin wall. To positively touch another person's life is the most profound experience. But in doing so, we typically find that they have touched us even more. Coming up. East Germans share their perspective on why we americans must never let freedom slip away