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Professional 2021 Animation and Videogames Character Demo

Voice Over • Videogames


Utilising 2 years of experience in creating demos I created this one to be utilised within a professional format to demonstrate my diversability and range.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


British, Irish


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Hi. I'm Chris Glass. And this is my video game and animation character Demo. This is a story about a boy named Albert Albert set out on an adventure, an adventure of her, which she would never return. You know, I've been thinking your little fan club over there. Do they know what you had to do to get this power? Do they know who you had to hurt? And if I add my chrono discombobulated into the machine, it should be working perfectly. Or perhaps not. This is all your fault, Fred. We do not know what our chances of survival are. So we fight as if they are zero. We do not know what we are facing, so we fight it as if it were the dark gods themselves. No one will remember us now, and we may never be buried beneath Titan. So we will build our own memorial here. We cannot lose Grey Knights. We have already won Seymour at chris. Glass games dot com