\"Queen of My Self\" by Donna Henes



Brief monologue by a sage woman who is recognizing the change in our longevity and how young she acknowledges herself to be. uncleaned audio, light processing for export only.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


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I'm about to tell you why I am a queen and not yet a crone. I am not a crone. I was not a crone on my 15th birthday. I was not a crone when my periods were officially declared over after 13 months of no shows. I was not a crone at my second Saturn return at the age of 56. Nor am I a crone today in my mere sixties, Remember 70 is the new 50. I have another decade or two before I retire my throne for a rocking chair, theater tickets or bingo chips. It is way too early for me to rest on my laurels. I haven't even planted them all yet when I deny micro and um, it is not because I'm afraid of aging. Trust me, I want to be the oldest woman who ever lived and savor every last minute of it. I want to live to be a 100 And I want to know that I am 100 and that's not so far fetched One in 50, people are living to 100 these days, and the odds get better every year At the turn of the 20th century, the average age of menopause was 48 and the average life expectancy was 52 today, According to Dr Christiane Northrup, if a woman reaches her 50th without any chronic disease, She has every right to expect to live into her 90s, but I'm not old yet. I'm certainly not as wise as I hope to be when I do grow up to be a crone talking me wrong, I'm smart as ****, but true wisdom is different. It comes from experiencing life consciously and deeply over time. With enough time elapsed for reflection, overview and perspective, I'm still punching in my hours of learning, earning every minute of my experience, after decades of service in my mother years now, it's my turn to be active in charge of my own life, an influential in the world. This is my queen stage. I roll some day I will be an awesome crone, but I'm not ready yet. I'm not capable nor worthy, Nor the 60 million plus other women in the United States who are somewhere in the midst of their midlife changes. Ready for Chrome Hood. We occupy a truly unique position poised on the brink of uncharted waters. This extended and vigorous midlife period, which we're now beginning to experience is largely unaccounted for in myth and archetype for the simple reason that such longevity has never before occurred. For the great masses of women as a whole. We desperately need new role models, examples and teachers to encourage us as we explore this unfamiliar terrain.