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This is a clip of a Novella I narrated called How To Save A Life. Presented by Simon and Schuster audio. (out soon)

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please tell me you got laid last night. Sheila, the head nurse says, as I walk over to the desk to log a few notes. The teary grandmother in the corner looks up, I hiss what Sheila asks without lowering her voice. It's a normal question. You're a 39 year old woman who's never been married and who probably can't even remember the last time she had a man in her bed. You getting a bit of action would be a service to society. The whole world would rejoice with you, Sheila. I glanced once again at the woman in the corner who is staring at us. It was only a first date. You can't bone on a first date bone, I repeat. Seriously. Look, Sheila replies, without missing a beat. I'm your friend. You're sexually active friend. Your friend who doesn't understand why you seem to have taken a vow of celibacy. I haven't taken a vow of celibacy. I snap. I just haven't met the right guy. See Sheila says jotting something down on a chart. You're uptight, you wouldn't be like that if you were getting laid. I guarantee it. So about last night? Tom was it tim? I correct And he was boring in bed? She asks sympathetically. I glare at her. He was boring at the restaurant where we met for dinner and why exactly was the young handsome engineer, boring Sheila asks with a sigh as she turns back to her computer because all he could talk about was himself is that really so bad. Yes, Shields it is. It's bad because on a first date you're supposed to be curious about each other, You're supposed to be interested in what the other person has to say. And in the best of worlds you're supposed to feel some chemistry. You're not supposed to give an hour long soliloquy about your own accomplishments. Fair enough, Sheila says, and for a moment I think I've won the point, but then she adds under her breath, but you still could have gotten laid.