Christina Porter Commercial Demo

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Warm. Bright. Real. I have an inviting voice that will bring your characters and brand to life. With care, craft, and quick communication, I deliver a high-quality sound in a timeline you can count on.

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


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I remember my first Disney trip. I kept those ears on for weeks. So to pass the magic on, it's like everything's coming full circle. 70% off. Are they sure with deals like this? I'm gonna get everything on my style wish list. Wreck your way at Nordstrom Rack. There have been times like these before times. So tough. It was hard to see the path forward but love always led the way this time will be no different. The Salvation Army. It's never been easier to glam and go tar. Now available in three luminous shades for sculpting lifting and glow color their world with Fruity Pebbles. A splash of color, a splash of milk and a whole bowl of deliciousness. Fruity Pebbles, a rainbow of goodness. 92% of people who buy a Peloton stick with it. Why? Because it's not just exercise equipment. It's community motivation, validation and fulfillment.