2023 TV, Radio, and Online Commercial Demo Reel

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A demo reel of commercial reads covering topics like powertools / DIY, Defense Technology, Cancer, nonprofit organizations, fitness products, coffee, veteran-owned businesses, and information technology.

This demo reel was produced using ipDTL for a remotely directed and recorded session.

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Whether it's a quick fix or a total remodel. The Ryobi one series has the perfect tool and with only one battery you'll never miss a beat with today's hyper advanced technology threats can come from anywhere but Lockheed Martin is staying several steps ahead. So those we serve aren't just ready, they're ahead of ready. I don't think people realize how many questions you have when you're diagnosed with cancer, the leukemia and lymphoma society has the answers. If you're working out without working smart, you're wasting all that energy, Jim supplement science gives you the nutrients to maximize every workout for undeniable unreal results. You might know Black Rifle as the veteran owned coffee company but make no mistake. The coffee is pretty damn good. Business is moving to the cloud. But at what pace with the hybrid cloud from HP Enterprise, you can migrate at a pace. That makes sense. So nothing gets lost in the journey.