Commercial Demo - Charismatic, Authoritative, Casual, Friendly, Authentic, Modern, High Energy, Athlete, Mid- Deep range

Television Ad


This is my official commercial pro demo consisting of 6 spots featuring: Honda, Sprint, Taco Bell, Under Armour, Corona Beer, and PayPal.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) Spanish (General)


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one and out of this world experience. It starts with toasted cheddar baked on the shell of a chilling above tastes better than it sounds. So get the Taco Bell and please your palate. Toasted cheddar Chiluba Only at Taco Bell. Let nothing get in the way of your dreams. Overcome the challenges. Work harder than anyone else. Be proof that will finds a way under Armour. Liven up the party we've got on us. First of the Holic Spike Refresher in three irresistible flavors could on a Fresca bring home the taste of the tropics. Set the pace for fast moving engine roar wheels Racing fun theme. New Honda Civic Sport Get in front and stay there. Get rewarded every time you make purchases with PayPal. Credit card. Very cool Pierce Outworks. Earn cash back to your PayPal balance, then use it however you want and enjoying no annual fee. So next time used up a power credit card everywhere, MasterCard is accepted. Wake up America. You're paying too much for your wireless plan. Switch to Sprint and get an unlimited plan, plus an upgrade on your phone for just 35 bucks a month. And that's how you keep things simple.