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A peer of mine had written a song,which he made a video for.
However he felt like it was missing something.
As though it were naked.
So I wrote a layer of poetry to reflect the imagery all the while retaining the integrity of the instrumental

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Young Adult (18-35)


Irish (General)


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Yeah, yeah. Open the North soy That didn't have the foresight to see that the Children could make a living playing part night YouTube. Twitter. Manipulating the laws, like everything you say is despite its many war crime watching. What you saying, Katie speaking? Hit the wrong mike. Independent is now considered alright. **** with neo cons. Middle finger to the mall like socialism doesn't work. A teacher are gunshots. Part time artist marching for the run, right? So full time fighters hoping to see a tax hike don't win in my city is a force of the gas price, but there's a chance I could be living in the flat toys, drugs in the water and chemicals in the style. But the world isn't ending and nobody's gonna die. We could spend more money. The longer that we're alive on the Million Dollar Man and everybody's got a price, everybody, just everybody needs to chill the **** out. I don't know what the big deal. What's the big idea? Come on. Never lied to my Children. Never a hip hop was keeping the rib. Is the world gone rotten, so lost, entertaining little Children chopping bits off water, honey injecting plastic hips. Isn't that the same stuff? Is killing all the fish stuff? I don't mess a fake time, right? I see my chick power around me out to Germany for nuts apart. Israel. I don't sell weed, and I don't start. Okay? Not the kind of ***** doctor fantasising imitate who's being Thanks. I'm looking for the answers in the bottom of a bottle. While I'm trying to open enjoying my freedom, I find the reason and meaning I'm thinking of my crying kids And what my daughter can leave them if the world is. And then I'd like to die free for the most reiterate that that is highly unlikely. I'm planning to be old and Diane in my sleep. Saving them knowledge was never lying. When I speak, everybody just everybody needs to chill the **** out. I don't know what What's the big idea? Come on. Light to my Children. Never a hip hop was keeping them. Really? You okay?