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He is a captain of industry. Your and my crop. Whom do you think people will believe? It is our duty. A citizens to remember the people in struggles that shaped who we are and what we've become the eminent. It's time for you to come with us. I don't claim to understand humans, but the problem with people like the old man seems to be They think they're entitled. My fate was clear. I want to fight and die in the arena for the amusement of a playing crowd. Always of getting things done without so much noise. You know, they go the only way with progress as a society is in the free flow of ideas down here will stagnate. But we should leave quickly. What? Security is away. Can you get me out of here? You? Oh, my. No wonder you were a little spooked, Bridget. I sure I'm sorry. I never sleep in their bed. I'm not invited to unless I get last