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Promo video for a non-profit organization. The tone is caring , informative , knowledgeable , motivational , educational and serious .

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you feel the connection deeply, the pride and the people inspire you. You yearn for peace and hope that your Children and your grandchildren will love and support Israel. You want to inspire them to care as you d'oh! To protect Israel's future. Do you take for granted that they will know what you know and feel what you feel? Do they know how far we have come? Where we've been, where we're going? Will they be inspired and rise to the task? Well, they stand tall for Israel. Will they understand? Never again. Our Children on college campuses are being challenged for their support of Israel. They attack our Children, our communities, your Children, your community. Every day requires courage and strength. They're told that they don't belong on and their voices don't matter that our history, our nation, our people don't matter science stroll and got rid of every aspect. You want to stand tall to make a difference, to make sure that our pride shines through that our Children and our neighbors and their Children will know what to do to show a legacy of pride, strength and people Hood. This is what stand with us. Does that those who stand with us is we represent you when you can't be there with 18 offices around the globe, we represent you in our high schools, where we reach 50,000 students each year with the beauty of Israel and foster the next generation of Zionist leaders. We're your voice on campus training students how to lead and reach over 100,000 of their peers each year in the face of intolerance and bigotry. We represent you when we reach 100 million people on Facebook during peak weeks, we educate for the future by sponsoring speaking tours and holding conferences around the world. Training leaders and lifting communities were your hotline when rights or trampled on an emergency pro bono legal service is air needed. With over 150 attorneys standing by for students, faculty and community members, we represent your legacy when we partner with over 750 different organizations around the world who care as you do about Israel. We're working in your name when we use innovative teaching methods to inspire middle schoolers with the wonder of Israel. We represent you. When it's time to push back, we represent you when It's time to share Israel's story when it's time to teach, to stand up, to show undying pride for Israel. And we have only just begun. Help us reach more of the world. Help us in power more of our Children, your Children, to be courageous, to be confident, to fight smart toe win and to always, always stand tall.