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These are recent medical spots I have voiced for clients.

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This is your current glucose that is measured every minute a message appears here letting you know about your glucose. For instance, if your glucose is in range, you're going low, the trend arrow shows the direction your glucose is going development of the placenta begins during implantation. When the blast assist adheres to the endometrium, epithelium trophoblastic cells differentiate into an inner side, a trophy blast layer and an outer senses ceo trophy blast layer. As the side a trophy blast proliferates newly formed cells migrate into the Census ceo trophy blast and lose their cell membranes, forming a rapidly growing multi nuclear hated mass. Health care does not stop at the prescription. It continues into the home introducing pill nurse, a secure cloud based medication dispenser and bio analyzer that connects patients, doctors and health care providers to continue the best care after prescription, isolated t cells taken from the patient's blood are genetically engineered to express receptors that can recognize cancer cells. These engineered t cells are termed chimeric antigen receptor T cells or in short carty millions of such car T cells infused back into the patient's bloodstream, efficiently bind to the cancer cells and eliminate them