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This is a demo that I've put together of previous works that I've done in the Interactive field.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General)


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Yeah, depends on the salary. I won't complain if it's good and if it's bad I won't work. Didn't you want to learn about business? It's perfect. Why are they coming for us? Keep it up, the answer to one? Well, it's just not that great, is it? I wouldn't mind looking at the house again. And, well, maybe you. Yeah, I suppose I do. Uh, it's in my head. It's in my quiet. I'm doing you a favor. You little brats, I can make a fire to keep you warm. The New Year's coming around again. Well, I did have some moments this year here. Was it so bad? Are you serious? I will cut you. I'd like to see you. Dr Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Yes. Uh, my name is, I'm an it specialist and I'm here to perform an inspection and determine the camp's technological needs. What, what a sword went right through me. I've done four. Ah, yo, I'm tired. Yeah, I'm looking at you the way that I look at the color green and the moon and I can't give you a reason why I do. II, I just do just, somehow you ended up as my favorite color. Will you pull out with me? Don't let your parents discourage you. Them ******* are just jealous. And remember that no matter who you are, you are always loved. I got you. Good.