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Alaska Diamond Brand Crown of Light Commercial on cruise ship channel to entice guests to see this diamond in Alaska

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Hi, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to port shopping Life. My name is Courtney and I am your port shopping guide. It's my job to tell you about some of the exciting things you're going to see in our ports of call this week. Like the Crown Off Light Diamond Crown of Light is a 90 faceted diamond, which is designed to maximise sparkle. The 90 facets are strategically placed and proportioned to capture and disperse light for incredible light return. This is not unlike some of the incredible sights you will see here in Alaska, for instance, this sparkle is similar to the first glimpse of the sun over a glacier. That site is truly reminiscent of the sparkle you will say with the Crown of Life Diamond. It's an extraordinary, exciting and scintillating cut. Crown of Light is exclusive to Diamonds International and is a result of their partnership with De Beers. It's not necessarily the number ofthe facets in a diamond that makes it sparkle, but where they are strategically placed on the diamond. That gives you the fire and brilliance. Often, people think it's the size of a diamond that is truly what they dream off when in fact it's the amount of sparkle that is truly desired. I challenge each and everyone of you to see the crown of like diamond sparkle for yourself. Visit Diamonds International in our ports of Call this Alaska Cruise vacation To witness the incredible brilliance UpClose Make Your way into Diamonds International in all of our ports of call and experience. The Central Asian. The Fire and Brilliance of Crown of Light Diamond Jewellery.