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A climactic point in these characters stories, when one finally reveals that they have been manipulating the other, acting verbally and physically abusive and beating to submission a once strong and confident character

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Young Adult (18-35)


British (England - Liverpool, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire) British (General) British (Received Pronunciation - RP, BBC)


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you said we could be together. This is not the time for this conversation, Guardsmen Jameson Calista answered. When will there be a time? Jameson asked. It's always the same. I've dedicated my life to serving you. Everything I do is for you. Years go Lista. Calista went silent, her face twisting everything. We too, we had to. For the glory ofthe Lacan, Chua, for the glory of Lacan. Chua. No, not I. Everything I do, I tweet for us for our love, Jamieson said. With us north. But you, everything you do, you do for your own revenge and your own benefit, Callisto fumed, her cheeks flushing red Jamison. Out of respect for what you have done, I will not kill you for what you have just deigned to say in my presence. Leave now! No, Jamison insisted. I want to talk. Coolest aside, we can talk, Jamison, but not now. Come to me after we take the palace. I do not have the time right now. She turned to continue on her way, but Jamison grabbed her wrist in his large hand like a viper. The woman turned and struck him across the face with her other hand. you do not touch me, servant Jamison stumbled back, nearly falling down the stairs, his hand reached up to his stinging cheek. There was a bit of blood there where one of Lister's rings had torn his skin. The guard froze, his eyes fixated on the crimson, staining his hand. Alicia Storm towards him, her hand raised to strike again, and Jamison retreated back down. The steps he started in confusion is Callisto pursued him. The woman was fast, slapping him again and again. Each time her rings and fingernails sliced into the flesh of his cheek. She stepped after him, jabbing a finger firmly into the centre of his chest. You do not touch me, Calista screamed, turning her pointed finger into a flat palm. She shows the man and his foot missed. The next step down, he tumbled, landing on his back on the ground floor. Several steps down, Jamison curled up like a child. Scolded. I'm sorry, governess. It will not happen again. Please. Please, No. Calista Set. You are right. It won't happen again. You were nothing but a brief distraction to me, Jamison. Nothing more. And if you manage to forget that and you, Dane, to disrespect me again, he will not survive it. Yes. Governess. Jamison nodded his head bobbing