Natural, friendly E-Learning for ages 3-14, animated character voice



These are some samples of the over 2,400 e-learning audiobooks I have voiced for kids ages 3-14.

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Middle Aged (35-54)


British (General) North American (General) North American (US South)


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soon. Stonehenge is covered in light. The sun rests atop one of the stones. Everyone watches and wonders who built this place. What was it for? Flocks do just about everything together. This includes sleeping at the same time. Flamingos have long, thin legs. They sleep standing on just one leg. Why? It takes less energy. The birds have perfect balance. Hi, I'm Jesse. Hey, maybe you've seen me on a billboard. I was lost and I got hurt, but I got found. Will hit. Lou. How are you today? I'm a lioness. I sit in my perch all day long. Hi. I'm a horse. I got lost. But now I'm found Arch of soul Happy. Who? Hi, I'm PD. Maybe you've seen me on a billboard. I was lost and I got hurt. But I got found that afternoon. Lyle opened the book to a cool picture. The picture would show him how to make stilts. Hello, Lyell. Little. My name is Fred. The book said, Um hi, Fred. How are you? Lyle said great friends said isn't that obvious? Why would it be? Sweden shares the Scandinavian peninsula with Norway, its neighbor to the west and the northwestern part of Finland. Its neighbor to the east. The capital of Sweden is stock home