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mm. Welcome to netflix. We want to entertain the world If we succeed, there's more laughter, more empathy and more joy to get there. We strive to hire the best and we value integrity excellence, respect inclusion and collaboration. And as flattered as we are at being an important part of the netflix and chill moment. We should briefly touch on our expectations for conduct and how to treat your fellow employees. Spoiler alert any kind of harassment is definitely not. Okay. Aerospace engineers primarily design aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and missiles. In addition, they create and test prototypes to make sure that they function according to design. Aerospace engineers typically do the following direct and coordinate the design, manufacture and testing of aircraft and aerospace products, evaluate designs to see that the products meet engineering principles, customer requirements and environmental regulations develop acceptance criteria for design methods, quality standards, sustainment after delivery and completion dates. Sarah is learning about computers today. She learned that all computers use code known as binary to store information, binary is a combination of ones and zeros. Can you help her remember what ones and zeros stand for? That's right. Ones mean on and zeroes mean off. Great job lisa The quarterly marketing reports are due friday and I've not seen your normal status report. Do you have an update? We've had a bit of an issue getting finalized numbers from the sales team. Sounds like we should let the team know there could be some last minute all hands on deck work to get them printed and ready. Sometimes in a you know, molecular nuclear Felix substitution reaction. The solvent acts as the nuclear file. This is called a savalas. This reaction, the polarity and the ability of the solvent to stabilize the intermediate car vacation is very important, as shown by the relative rate data for this analysis. The dielectric constant of a solvent roughly provides a measure of the solvents polarity.